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Why were babies abandoned?  Mostly because of extreme poverty but other reasons included illegitimate, ill or handicapped babies and prisoners' children.  If you ask Hong Kong mothers from that generation, they undoubtedly know someone in their family who gave up a child.   For cultural reasons more girls than boys were abandoned which still continues to happen in mainland China today.  Some things just don't seem to change.
In 1948, at least a baby a day was being abandoned in Hong Kong.  Conditions improved and by 1966 an average of only 25 babies were found per year.   While the number of abandoned babies declined, children still arrived at the homes. They were sent by welfare agencies and churches for various reasons such as, broken homes through death, desertion or mental illness.  
Why do people adopt?  Besides the universal wish to raise a child, in the 1950's and 1960's, there was increased social awareness of the plight of these children.  Families around the world opened their hearts and homes.
All children became wards of the Hong Kong Social Welfare Department.   A search for parents or relatives was attempted.   If none were located, then the policy of the Social Welfare Department was to try to find a family for each child through adoption.  The International Social Services faciliated these adoptions.  Children found families in Hong Kong, Canada, United States, England, New Zealand, Australia and other countries some with Chinese families and others in transcultural adoption.
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