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Request for Personal Data
Every adoptee from HK has the right to request a personal data search.  We recommend that you first ask for any personal records from the HK Welfare Department.  For example, birth certificate or social welfare report are records that may still be on file in Hong Kong.  This request can be done from abroad but be prepared to provide the necessary documents that prove your identity.  Make sure to clarify that you are not requesting information on your birth parents when you make this initial request because you do have a legal right to information not related to your birth parents.
Click here to make a Personal Data Access Request
After obtaining your personal data, you may also consider asking for "root tracing."  Root tracing refers to asking for information specifically related to your birth parents.  The birth parents' right to privacy overrides the rights of the adopted child under HK law.  Thus, birth parent information can be denied to you.  There are a number of hurdles to overcome, for example, proving that you are a mentally stable person and not a danger to your birth parents, if birth parents exist do they want their information released to you, and finding birth parents.   Send email to to ask for the current procedure to initiate root tracing.
Click here for a personal description of the procedure followed in 2009 to initiate a root tracing
Contact us at for advice from others who have successfully traced their history and roots.
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