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Shatin Babies Home History
After Miss Mildred Dibden stepped down as Superintendent of Fanling Babies Home, she then founded Shatin Babies Home in May 1952. 
Shatin Babies Home, later called Shatin Children's Home, was located in the New Territories, not far from Fanling in the town, Shatin.
Shatin Babies Home was established in the old police barracks of Shatin. The main building was a large, two story brick and wood building located about a mile's walk from the Shatin train station.  On the ground floor was a dining room, sleeping rooms and a staff sitting room.  Upstairs there was a sitting room, kitchen, bath, dispensary, sick room and Superintendent's bedroom.
Behind this main building was another smaller building that housed the amahs and teachers.   By 1957, three wings were added to the main building so as to resemble a compound.  One wing was the school building and the other two were dormitories for the children.
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Miss Dibden founded this Home with the sole purpose of caring for abandoned babies as her own family.   The children called Miss Dibden "Mama."   Miss Dibden ran the Home on a disciplined daily schedule which included prayers, play time and schooling.  Miss Dibden maintained Shatin Babies Home through mostly local community contributions and giving from abroad.   The Hong Kong government also helped by charging a nominal rent on the property.
At one point, the staff consisted of a cook, gardener, several nurse girls, eight amahs and four women teachers.  Two English assistants, Valerie Conibear and Wendy Blackmur, joined Superintendent Miss Dibden and in 1965 these two opened their own Home of Loving Faithfulness in Fanling dedicated to the care of handicapped children.
By 1963, times had changed so Miss Dibden facilitated the adoption of the younger children into Christian homes abroad.  In 1966, Miss Dibden moved back to England with the remaining charges.  She continued her support of Hong Kong handicapped children through her fund raising in England.
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1952 - Miss Dibden started Shatin Babies Home
1957 - School building opened for the children  
1959 - 76 children lived at Shatin Children's Home
1960 - Valerie Conibear joined the staff
1962 - Wendy Blackmur joined the staff
1963 - New Zealand families adopt 25 children
1963 - U.S.A. families adopt 24 children
1965 - Home of Loving Faithfulness opened
1966 -Christian Missions in Many Lands takes over
1966 - Miss Dibden returns to live in England
1987 - Miss Dibden passes away in England

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