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Our mission is to discover and network with individuals connected to Hong Kong orphanages and children homes such as, Fanling Babies Home, Pine Hill Babies Home, Shatin Babies Home, Precious Blood Babies Home in the New Territories, Evangel Children's Home, Ling Yuet Sin Infants Home, St. Paul's Creche, Yuen Long Children's Home, Eric Bruce Hammond M. Orphanage, St. Christopher's Home and Po Leung Kuk.
We provide a supportive network for former residents and staff members, patrons and supporters of Hong Kong orphanages, adoptees, parents and families of adoptees to reconnect, learn about their past, and share their experiences.
We welcome and invite you to contact us, add to our body of knowledge and enjoy the fellowship of those with similar backgrounds.
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Several political situations led to extremely dire conditions in Hong Kong.  During the Japanese occupation, the population fell from 1.6 million to roughly 600,000.  War time abuses, food shortages and unemployment led to much suffering, abandoned babies and even death from starvation.
The population swelled again when thousands of destitute refugees fled to Hong Kong after the Communists took control of mainland China in 1949.   Many settled across the border in the New Territories and Kowloon.  Some immigrants found themselves unable to care for their children.
According to reports in 1949 and 1950, between ten and fifteen thousand babies per year were abandoned in Hong Kong with 80% doomed to die.  Initiallly, the British colonial government in Hong Kong was unprepared to provide social services to these needy souls.
Fortunately, a number of local citizens, Christian missionaries and charitable organizations in Hong Kong rose to the occasion and provided these missing social services.
In particular, missionaries established a number of hospitals, homes for orphans, homes for the blind, schools and so forth.  Po Leung Kuk, established in 1878, focused on caring for orphans during the Japanese occupation.  Fanling Babies Home also provided shelter for abandoned babies during the Japanese occupation and the mainland refugee crisis.  Established in 1956,  Evangel Children's Home provided a Christian home for the growing number of orphans.
Hong Kong became a center of missionary activity.  A large exodus of missionaries from China resettled in Hong Kong.  Using Hong Kong as a base, they resumed their charitable missionary work.  We are indeed blessed and grateful for the difference they made in the lives of their young wards.
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