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Hong Kong Kong Adoptee Reunions

Many of us were adopted transracially and raised in countries around the world, such as New Zealand, England, and USA. Others were adopted by Chinese families and raised in Hong Kong or abroad.

Rediscovering Our Hong Kong Childhood

questionsIncreasingly, we want to find answers to key questions, which have, at some point surfaced during our lives: What happened to our orphanage? How can we find our orphanage caretakers? Who are our birth parents and where are they now? Do we have siblings or relatives? Does anyone know of our birth and wonder what happened to us?

Adoptee Events

Participating in Hong Kong adoptee reunions and events lets us share our adoption experience with each other. This has led to the discovery of amazing photos, videos and information which would otherwise have remained in individual family archives.

Some of us have found our birth family and share this experience with each other. Special guest speakers attend from time to time. They are former staff members and social workers connected to our orphanages.

Reunions happen in England, USA, New Zealand and Hong Kong.

Meet the North America Hong Kong Adoptee group

Meet the UK Hong Kong Adoptee group

USA-Canada adoptee reunionsUK reunion group

Adoptees Remember Past Reunions

We2010 Hong Kong Adoptee Reunion tend to hold a reunion in Hong Kong every five years. Our first Hong Kong reunion was held in 2010. The second one was held in 2015.

Even if you’re unable to attend a reunion, you can still enjoying hearing about them:

Personal Reflections on USA Reunions

Personal Reflections on UK Reunions

Contact us at info@fanlingbabies.com to learn about upcoming adoptee events.

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