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St. Christopher’s Home History

Founder and Key Staff

Ronald Hall, Bishop of the Diocese of Hong Kong, founded the orphanage in 1935. Bishop Hall (何明華) credits Mr. Lee Shiu Ying for actually establishing the orphanage.  Mr. Lee Shiu Ying became its first Superintendent and Principal of its primary school.

St Christopher's Home featured imageRev. Herbert Osborne served as the Superintendent of the Home and school principal starting in 1960 for eight years.

From 1960 through 1962, Mrs. Muriel Tonge served as the Supervisor and Matron of the Babies’ section. Miss Ethel Izzard took over the Babies Section when Mrs. Tonge and family went home to Canada.

Through the years, so many dedicated staff, teachers, sponsors, Armed Forces, and others have helped St. Christopher’s Home. We regret that we cannot name them all here but we celebrate and thank them for their service.

To read about its current staff, please visit its website at S.K.H. St.Christopher’s Home.


The mission of St. Christopher’s Home has not changed through the years: Following the love of Christ, to create and sustain a caring environment for children and youth to grow, to develop potential and to live a life of fullness.

Children at St. Christopher’s Home

It’s been home to babies, toddlers, and children of all ages. The orphanage in Taipo housed often accommodated 300 children at a time. There was a Babies Section, nursery for toddlers, and cottages segregated by sex for the older children.

St Christopher's Home gardeningChildren stayed until adopted or old enough to get a job. The Home provided primary education and vocational training, such as carpentry, gardening and sewing.  Older children could also attend outside secondary schooling.

Orphanage Description

Its original name was Sheng Kung Hui.  The orphanage was also called Taipo Rural Home and Orphanage because its address was 13 1/2 Milestone, Taipo in the New Territories. After WWII, it was renamed St. Christopher’s Home.

The original orphanage occupied a large area in Taipo. By 1970, there were 10 cottages. Two years later, twelve new cottages were completed to accommodate even more children.  The orphanage included an office building, chapel and a school.

The Home was moved in 1993 and the area redeveloped. Apartments now occupy the original orphanage site. Today, the group homes are spread throughout Hong Kong and the New Territories. The S.K.H Head Office is in North Point, HK.  The organization is called S.K.H. St. Christopher’s Home (聖公會聖基道兒童院).

Sponsorship and Funding

Mr. M.C. Chau and others donated the original land in Taipo. Funding came from local citizens and organizations such as, the Royal Jockey Club. The Hong Kong Government and the Christian Children’s Fund, Inc. also supported the orphanage with grants.

St Christopher's farmingForeign financial support and donations came from the U.S.A. and the British Red Cross to name a few. Funding even came from selling the farm produce grown on the property itself.

So many Hong Kong locals volunteered their services freely who although nameless here, they are not forgotten.  We deeply thank the nurses and doctors from clinics and hospitals like Queen Elizabeth Hospital, the Home Council committee members, and countless others for their service.

More Information

Contact us for more information or to chat with adoptees from St. Christopher’s Home at info@fanlingbabies.com to learn more. Tell us the orphanage(s), year you were there, and if adopted the date.

More history at: St. Christopher’s Home Background

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