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Many of us have managed to find our way back “home” to Hong Kong. Some are fortunate to see their orphanage again as an adult. Many orphanages no longer exist. We still recommend you make a pilgrimage to see the original site. Others have been able to contact and/or meet former staff members.  Time is of essence because the staff members are getting quite elderly.  Some of us have even been able to learn about their birth family and relatives.

Those of us who have reconnected have greatly enjoyed sharing our experiences, helping others recall lost memories, rediscovering fellow orphanage members and gaining new friends.

Our primary goal is to:
1) help former orphans or birth families search for their lost past
2) help those affiliated with these orphanages to reconnect with each other.

Privacy and Confidentiality

The content on this website has been approved by the source or is public information.  We maintain a strict confidentiality policy.  Additional information not available on this website is made available only upon approval by the source.  While we would like to honor all the caregivers and donors to the Hong Kong orphanages on our website, we respect that some may wish to remain anonymous. Thus, here is our wholehearted thank you to those anonymous individuals.

Contact Us

We welcome your questions, comments, or information. Please email us and introduce yourself, which orphanage you were affiliated with and when.

To chat, share photos, and memories with other adoptees from Hong Kong, contact us and join a whatsapp or skype concall.

Send us email at info@fanlingbabies.com

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